Fund Raising for Brad and Richie, Blessed & Willing

Fund Raising For Brad and Richie, Blessed and Willing

Waiting in The Bull Pen, Ready to Blow Some Loads!

This is Richie, 21 year old College Student from the South, somewhere along the Bible Belt to be exact.  He wrote to me a few times, sent in a few photos and we kept in touch promising to contact me classes finished for the summer.   He is a man of his word; 2 weeks ago I get a text message that he was taking his last exam and wanted to talk.

These were photos(left) he sent in from his cell phone as part of his Internet Audition.

Help Sponsor Richie's trip here and his journey with our cameras!

I sent them to our very elite group of sponsors and supporters who pledged enough money to get him a plane ticket and hotel stay here in NY if he was serious. He is so serious about cumming here that he is giving up his Memorial Day weekend with his friends to make his camera debut for The Muscle Mafia.

Of coarse I will be taking care of our potential new Muscle Mafia family member when he gets here, but I need your help to get him some gear, stock his room with some muscle food and keep him fed well and comfortable so he is pumped up for the camera.  The idea of it all excites these guys.  Let’s send him home with a smile and some cash.  It has already been discussed that since he has no steady job for the summer he will cum back to NY as often as we want and even consider an extended stay if you guys can help make that happen.


Next we have Brad, “Big Boy Brad” as I call him, he is local to the NY Area and came to us by a fan of our sites who saw him, got his email and told him he should be on our site.  Kind of strange in once sense, but lucky for him and lucky for us they did.

These were the Audition photos Brad sent me from his web cam.  I sent these to our Elite Board of Directors as well and they were very excited to get this 6’6” 240 pound monster in front of our cameras.

Help Sponsor Brad so I can offer him a "recurring" roll with us.
What I liked about Brad is he said, “Show me the money Boss and I am at least willing to get started” I did and he did.

Turns out both his girlfriend and his mother are laid off; he was helping to support both when his hours were severely cut back at his job. He said he is sick and tired of busting his ass and getting no where, when the fan and follower of our sites emailed him a with a link to our sites and my email, he thought is almost devine intervention, what did he have to loose, he gave it a shot.


Just a few days ago I did a test shoot with Brad great guy, nervous as hell as most are, but he showed and soon got rid of some of his inhibitions. He said as long as we can keep it from his girlfriend, his mother and his buddies he is willing to explore and push some limits to do what he has to do be a featured guy and make make the money.

Here is 1 photo (right) from that test shoot with me.  I just created his crew profile (Brad) at The Red Door and uploaded a few more photos from the shoot there. Everything about Brad is big, tall, big persence, deep did I say DEEP voice and has a "fuck it" attitude. He does everything in a big way.

So the beat goes on, guys are lined up, pumped up and pretty boned up about making some money and being able to put there bodies out on display for our exclusive following.

Please make Muscle Fund Donations, the more we have the more we can do with these 2 guys and others waiting (to be announced).

We are looking for our next featured guy or guys, you are a part of it and see it unfold, just like you did with Matt back in the day, Nick, Adam, Hit man Chris and Billy..etc.  They all came here in the own way but stayed here for the same reasons. No where can these guys have such piece of mind and have the foundation of The Muscle Mafia, other crew members and our inner circle who really do look out after each other.

  Taken from the Balcony at Muscle Mafia Head Quarters! See Brads other photos on his Red Door Profile.
if you are not on the mailing list, get on it now for this and all future happenings here. If you are interested in being one of our elite Board of Directors email ( directly for details. They see things first and are actively involved in details of breaking through to these guys. It is good healthy fun for all, everyone wins and in the end everyone blows a load!





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  • June 4, 2009 Robert wrote:
    These men both look OUTSTANDING, but I expect nothing less here! I would love to see these studs cum as many times as they can. Nothing hotter than young bucks in pain and liking it as their balls are being drained over and over.
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  • June 4, 2009 luvjockjizz wrote:
    Very excited to see both these guys. Please keep us all informed as to what these guys do on film and what they will do off film.
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  • June 12, 2009 TomA wrote:
    This is the hottest fucking site with the hottest guys done with such class and true raw fashion... on the net!! My compliments to you Carlo, and your crew!
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  • June 12, 2009 Frank wrote:
    I can't wait to see what Brad is packing and what he is willing to do with it. I made my dontaion to the muscle fund.
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  • July 26, 2009 Bill wrote:
    I can not wait to see more of Brad.Thats a tall dude 6'6 .I would love for someone to massage those long legs.
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  • December 21, 2010 Magnetic Sponsoring wrote:
    Wow!, this is a real quality organization. I'd like to be part of this too - taking time and real effort to make a good movie and good websites requires great talent.  I wish I looked like you and your guys but I keep putting if off.  I prefer the online movies, the quality is great perfect size fast and simple.  Done well. 
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