Double DVD Release DVDs#57 and 58 Brad Gives Billy 4 Loads!

57 & 58 Release Once is Not Enough

2 DVDs, 2 Hours and 2 Loads Each!

Two is better than 1. Not sure that applies to everything, but 2 loads might be better; just ask Billy.  In Both DVD 57 and 58 Billy finds out that once is not enough for Brad. What was supposed to be a 'worshipped and seduce'd filming, Brad blows 4 loads, 2 in each DVD one right after the othe,r and each time did something a little different to make Billy work for each one! 

In keeping with the theme of 2 is better than 1, is announcing a double DVD release (57 and 58) appropriately named “Once is Not Enough”.  Brad, who has been called the Crowned Prince of The Muscle Mafia, has taken my lessons in muscle worship very seriously and learned first hand from me, The Boss,that sometimes you ask for what you want and sometimes you take it. Brad did a little of both, asked and took.  For instance, in 57 he asked or rather made a suggestion “How bout you suck my dick.”  Then in #58 he took Billy’s ass when he pulled off the rubber to slam him raw and without asking, dumped a load in his ass.  The first one at least!

Billy, The Muscle Mafia Champion cum dump gags on Brad’s 9x7 and swallows 2 thick muscle loads from our 6 foot 7 inch 250 pound giant!

Then with Red Face Stan's help generous support, Billy comes back 6 weeks later for an all night ass pounding. Brad power slams Billy with no sympathy to dump the first load in his ass and the second in his mouth. Billy was definitely Blessed, for some reason he kept yelling out "Oh my God!" & "Jesus"

Buy it on DVD or Play it on line. Brad Face Fucking BillyFeeding him 2 loads! Buy Ticket, Play Now! Buy it on DVD or Play it on line. Brad Face Fucking BillyFeeding him 2 loads! Buy Ticket, Play Now!  

I will say that these movies have even made me a Brad fan.  Like Matt and Adam, and others who I have filmed and photographed it says a lot when, after filming these things I can sit back and watch the final product and go DAMN!  That’s my boy!  Matt did that for sure he’s a legend!  Nick, Adam, Joey, even Tommy had me shaking my head with approval, most recently Brad who made me feel like the team coach cheering on the sidelines as his newest starting playing just scored!  My guys score, and they sure are winners.

But sometimes in addition to pride there is respect.  Some guys don’t earn my respect, they just earn the money they were paid to shoot, others have earned something more valuable, the respect and admiration of me, The Boss.  Matt for having balls to be the first of my cocky buddies to go on film, Nick for putting his face out there, Adam for showing even a muscle jock could submit to another muscle jock in admiration and which began a new trend in DVD #53. Now Brad has earn my respect for joining the crew as a nervous but willing "new cummer" open to ideas, pushing limits and taking my direction but putting his own Big Brad style on it.

DVDs 57 and 58 are something that stands out for all of us here at The Muscle Mafia, especially me and Brad.  The back story on these and the inside story is something no one knew at the time except Matt, Brad and Myself.  With every film and almost every guy there has been some drama, and Brad was certainly not without his drama particularly during the shooting of  # 57 and 58.

Behind The Scenes Drama!

I am sure you have read the previous Blog post “The Making of Big Brad, Summer School 2009”  If you haven't read it, its a good look at how some things happen here and what the crew goes through. Strenght of body is not all that is required here. Refer back to that post and read the part regarding girlfriends, friends and how 2 worlds collide; the underworld of The Muscle Mafia and the world these guys knew before they step foot in front of our camera. 

Brad was shooting with us often; he had done a few Blessed events, and spent a lot of time with me, Matt and some of the other guys. This made his girlfriend suspicious and was the topic of many heated arguments between he and his girl, let’s call her “Jill”.

During the process of organizing DVD #57 and shooting DVD #57 Brads phone was BLOWING UP with text messages from Jill, “Where the fuck are you?” (you can guess the rest).

Between load 1 and load 2 the camera captures Brad frantically texting her trying to calm her down just after his ass was eaten by Billy and just before he was boning up to face fuck him again. You can't make this up, you just can't, again I say "Shit happens here". So imagine Brad's situation, his girlfriend is bitching and demanding answers, his phone is jumping off the table and I'm telling him "No phones, no bullshit on my set". The pressure, the drama; boner killer right? Wrong! Brad said fuck her she should suck like this and went on to feed Billy the second load.

After filming, Billy left Brad and I packed up and went to eat. I told him, "Buddy you got a problem on your hands you need to deal with." "If you want to do this you have to handle it better or be fair to her, she is dangerous not just to you but the privacy of everyone here; deal with her."

Now fast forward to the negotiation process where Stan made Brad an offer he could not refuse; to fuck Billy on film.  Brad and I were pitching text messages back and forth, pretty racy, descriptive text messages about how he would fuck Billy to earn his offer from Stan.  He went in the shower, and Jill walked into his room and went through his phone.  Nice girl huh, talk about a shit storm.  I thought for sure that was the end of Brad’s stent with The Muscle Mafia.

Actually, it was the beginning of the end of her and in true Muscle Mafia fashion, the chick got "whacked" not long after. She made life difficult for him and was no match for his alter ego, so he dismissed her.   Two worlds collide, hell yeah like a big bang that was taken out on Billy’s ass when the scene was actually shot 5 days later.

I hate to say I told you so, but unless you handle this perfectly and with my full direction that is going to happen. In her defense she was really left in the dark for a while and tought he was seeing another girl. But she snoop and when you snoop prepare yourself for what you might find. So, she found herself looking for a date on Saturday Night and Brad found himself an entire world of fans who admire him in addictive doses no girl can touch.

For this, and a few other things, Brad has earned my respect and goes on to be another loyal soldier and crew member of The Muscle Mafia.  So when you see a guy here, and any one of their films know there is a back story that might be more interesting then the film itself.  So your gifts and rewards (Rich, Stan and others), your muscle fund donations, your loyal purchases of our movies and our worn gear, along with your blog comments and your emails go a long way in motivating us.

The Muscle Mafia, a sub-culture of society, this discreet underground with strict rules not only lives on but continues to grow; there's nothing like us.

Many of these stories dating back to DVD #12, Nick, Joey, and all the others will be told through blog posts, newsletters, in movies and hanging with The Boss on The Boss Cam.


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  • May 25, 2010 Zark wrote:
    Just placed my order for both DVDS. Brad and Billy is great to see that Billy is back to work his magic and this time it is on Brad. Oh my god!! I look forward to seeing Billy massaging those massive muscles of Brad's, Billy eating Brad's ass (seeing a muscular man like Brad on his hands and knees is worth the price of admission), and Billy's talented mouth taking every inch of Brad's huge cock. Not only will Billy get to worship that awesome muscular body of Brad's but he will also be on the receiving end of what looks to be an ass pounding of a lifetime. I can't wait to hear Billy squeal with joy as Brad's hard cock pounds Billy's ass. It is great to see Brad's muscular body in action once again.....he is one huge man from the top of his head to the tip of his cock.....and every inch of that body is hard muscle. Muscle worship, cocksucking, rimming, and fucking plus four great cum shots. Watching a man, with a muscular body and alpha-male attitude like Brad's, fucking another man is what every gay man wants to see......Carlo, once again, you are the man!!!
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  • May 25, 2010 gnote wrote:
    Awesome! Got my box set of this massive hung stud. Looks pretty off the hook.

    Brads body looks fine!! but not kissing up boss linked over to your photos and boss cam pics you are absolute perfection and I mean that. There aint no guessing why they call you da boss.

    Can't wait to see this stud crank out 4 loads. I would settle for just 1 of his, maybe a little left over.
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  • May 25, 2010 Rob wrote:
    Carlo, what can I say fantastic as usual I am sure this will be another best seller. But then again I expect nothing less. Keep em coming, through a few buck as Brad for a job well done and waiting for my box set to arrive.

    All I can say is thanks carlo! oh brad and billy too
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  • May 25, 2010 pecluva wrote:
    I just watched both on line and bought them both these are worth adding to my collection. I think I have every movie you made on disc except the jersey workout ones but I do have Nick worshipped still watch that one over and over.

    I can read through your posts Carlo that you, Brad, Matt and Adam have a connection which to me as a viewer and long time fan enhances my experience. Just makes me feel like I am part of a circle of friends who trust each other and like working with each other.

    The movies with Matt and Adam reveal real sexual tension and chemistry. You mention respect in this post and I say it is obvious that each and every guy that gets in front of your camera has great respect for you. I don't know who you are or how you do it but you do and its apparent that you, my friend and yes my idol have earned a great deal of respect yourself!!

    It is heartfelt when I say as a lover of muscle, lover of good quality porn and quality people you have earned my respect as a photographer, movie maker, director and businessman!

    Ok that's all for ya today, I will drop you an email as always but wanted to publicly give you some props.
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  • May 25, 2010 Jeff wrote:
    wow! What a scene and very interesting story about "Jill" fucking girls man don't they know when they nag on you it gets them no where. How dumb could she have been. I'm sure she did not know it was guys or porn for that matter, but even if she thought he was cheating no self respect. If she had to snoop in his phone when he was in the shower he was doomed anyway.

    Read the previous post Carlo and you hit the nail on the head. If she is not your wife, or the girl that is going to be your wife or at least the mother of your children in any situation who needs to answer to her.

    It is obvious Brad likes doing what he is doing and if I looked like you guys I would do it too I am sure you are making a mint, just on me alone.

    So well done Carlo you have made a habit of seducing me with one movie after another.
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  • May 25, 2010 Jizzeater wrote:
    Its all great we know that, my complaint is that you don't put out more faster. I wait for every new release and hang on every update to the site to see what you are cookin up next.

    Are there more with you coming or just the boss cam thing?
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  • May 25, 2010 handyman wrote:
    My wish this Christmas is that I could be Billy. Lucky, Lucky boy!
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  • June 6, 2010 jc wrote:
    I got to say the scene in dvd 58 was hot but Stan needs to not talk so much. 
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  • June 9, 2010 rmb wrote:
    The Muscle mafia bring a whole new energy to the demi-monde of the Power Scene. I have only been aware of this incredible cohort of muscle studs for a year, but this is has taken my bi-curious fantasies to a whole new level of eroticism, sensuality and excitement. Thank you Carlo and the Muscle Mafia Men!!!! You have really brought a great deal of pleasure into my life, you guys need to do a road tour like they do for Broadway shows!!!
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  • October 22, 2010 Doug wrote:
    Too bad for Brad's girlfriend, but an incredible blessing for us. And of course boys like Billy suck better! God, if I am lucky enuf to ever be in His presence, I would drop to my knees and weep with gratitude; everyone should, but our society has told us not to do such things. I understand feminism and gay rights, but come on! Brad, Carlo, all the Crew deserve our worship and support! They can walk right over me and I'll graciously thank them.  Count me as one of the many many fans that Brad gained by shedding His pesky woman. Thank You Brad!!
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  • July 18, 2011 beevan wrote:
    Why does Billy wear a hat and sun glasses? He appears to be extremely good looking and very sexy. Would love to see him in a threesome video without his disguise. He seems to be able to take anything thatcomes at him from any angle.
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